Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So I just got back from 9 days in Vietnam, a fully funded 'study' tour for uni which pretty much consisted of shopping, sipping cocktails and... more shopping!! We had a few days in Hanoi, before moving on to Ho Chi Minh City for the rest of our stay.
Had the best time with my uni girls, including Sharday and Gabby. We brought copious amounts of jewellery, rummaged the markets for silk scarves, ballet flats and fake Hermes, and had a tour of the most amazing store Runway, an incredible luxury fashion boutique!


  1. I want to be back there NOW :(

  2. What an amazing opportunity! Vietnam is on my "to do list" Did you love Ho Chi Ming City? Is there lots to do there ?

    P.s Now following your blog. Always happy to support a fellow Australian blogger :)

  3. It was amazing! Ho Chi Minh is such an incredible place, so busy and vibrant! I would definitely recommend it. Did not want to leave!


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