Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ombré skirts

Spent yesterday dip dyeing these two skirts! The purple one was an old thrifted linen skirt I shortened, but have probably worn it once in my life, I'm thinking this makeover will encourage me to wear it more often.
The second skirt I made from pieces of old silk scraps that were wedding dress offcuts. It's very cut and paste, plus I'm yet to hem it (partially out of laziness, but also because I was too excited to not blog the result of the dyeing immediately!) so it looks seriously scrappy. The ombre is pretty subtle on the blue so I'm considering re-dipping it, but all I can say is watch out to every piece of white clothing in my wardrobe... You may soon be receiving a serious dipping!

Wearing with DIY sequin collar (HERE), DIY tank (HERE), DIY pendant (HERE) and Diavolina wedges

1 comment:

  1. wow fantastic! such a good DIY on this, love how it gets lighter at the top :)
    now following!



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