Tuesday, December 6, 2011

silly season outfits

Kirrily Johnston Bengal Choker
Dion Lee Sleeveless silk-georgette blouse
Alice McCall Lovers Must Elude dress
Mink Pink Sloane sunglasses in Toffee
We Are Handsome The Amazon panther-print swimsuit
Ellery Honey Mooner Heel in Yellow
Josh Goot Classic A Line Skirt in white print

Windsor Smith Hana platforms
Alpha 60 May drawstring dress
Seventh Wonderland Amadora underwire bikini in Aubergine
Luv AJ Chainmaille Bib necklac
Sunday Somewhere Matahari mid brown Demi sunglasses
Rebecca Vallance silk playsuit
Therese Rawsthorne Greenhouse pants

I'm not a massive fan of Christmas (or December in general really) not in a The Grinch who stole Christmas kind of way, more in a can it be new years already?! kind of way if you get my drift. Although I do enjoy having more excuses to dress up! I think my new years resolution will be to maximise colour in my outfits, a hard task considering my wardrobe is made up of 90% black.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays if you're lucky enough to get them!


  1. Omg It's the first time I get into your blog and I love it! I follow you sure ahha :)
    Nice selection! I agree with you, christmas it's an excuse to dress up haha

  2. i love the range of prints here, especially the A-Line skirt :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  3. God you've got great Taste.. Ive blogged similar products in the past too! AMAZING!


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