Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The best thing about small towns? The op shops! On my recent trip up to Jervis Bay in NSW I found this outrageously bright Gloster shirt dress, thinking it would be an excellent addition to my 'brights' wardrobe. It had pretty horrible sleeves and came down below my knees so I simply snipped off the bad bits to turn it into the perfect lazy summer dress... And would you believe this set me back a whopping $3?! It had a $6 price tag on it, but the lovely ladies running the op shop couldn't justify letting me pay that much for it so they cut the price. I almost burst out laughing!

Wearing with Sarraizienne jelly sandals, vintage belt and bracelet from Vietnam


  1. What a great find! The print is amazing. You look great in that dress, love how you improved it!

  2. Amazing find, you look gorgeous!




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