Thursday, March 29, 2012

pants party

So I may have bought a new pair of shoes as a reward for finishing my first uni assignment of the year... A little premature considering I could quite possibly get a shocking mark back and then these shoes will forever be a horrible reminder of my failure as a student. BUT hopefully that's not the case!
Anyway, they are the ultimate Barbie platforms, super high and probably ankle breakers if I'm not careful, but they're a nice change from my chunky boot obsession.
Pulled this look out some things that were gathering dust in my wardrobe like the amazing watermelon necklace and my good old Ksubi MC Hammer pants. An unusually bright outfit for me, but I'm celebrating the lovely warm autumn Melbourne has been blessed with. Keep it coming please weather gods!

Wearing; Witchery dress (as top), Witchery bra, Ksubi pants, Windsor Smith Loren heels (from Styletread HERE), 'vintage' watermelon necklace and ebay gold cuff


  1. Just may be the best thing I have seen all day! Mc hammer pants, neon and cobalt blue? Dyinggg woman, your style is so refreshing! Not to mention you have definitely given me a new perspective on retail therapy and recovering from a bad mark ;) love x

  2. I LOVE the watermelon necklace! Hell yes! Good luck to your marks, I think we are all feeling that pain right abut now!

    Grace x
    secretly styled.


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