Tuesday, April 10, 2012

in search of the perfect silk shirt

I've recently been on the hunt for the perfect silk shirt. Quality is something I'm willing to justify forking out a lot of money for, so when I see something is 100% silk I'm very happy to pay the price. But this often isn't the case for a huge majority of big-name designers who are more than happy to make a fully polyester shirt and slap a $250 price tag on it. I'm not an idiot, you may have called the fabric 'crepe', but I can read a label and it definitely doesn't doesn't say anything about silk. I'm not trying to hate on polyester, it has it's place in a vast amount of my wardrobe and it serves it's purpose well, but it's just not a fabric with which I associate luxury prices and quality fabrics.
So the dilemma still stands as to what's a reasonable price to pay for a silk shirt. Plain, single colour fabric I would be willing to go up to $150, but I'm more interested in printed silk, namely digital, as I know this a hell of a lot more expensive to produce. Depending on how nice the print is, $300 is about the ball park for me, but that's honestly not the sort of money I have to throw around at the moment.
I thought long and hard about buying the Sara Phillips printed dress shirt in the top image, which was $495 down to a sweet $250, but decided it was probably best to wait until I'm feeling a little more affluent! For now I might settle for the beautiful green water print shirt from Asos, a steal at $73!


  1. Oh wow, I feel like an idiot. I never even look at the materials when I buy clothes. I mean, I usually only buy cheap stuff anyway but from now on I'm going to have to take a look!

    Also, GET THE MARKED DOWN SHIRT! It's freaking beautiful. I know it's expensive and you are probably trying to save, but it saves you buying the green one and then going back for another more expensive one later. Besides, the green is nice but it's no where near as gorgeous.


  2. i lo-lo-love sara phillips!! and a good silk shirt... maybe for a good splurge look into more of the Equipment? xx


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