Friday, July 6, 2012

crafty copper

I'm having a crafty phase at the moment. I found a big bag of DIY to-dos stashed away in a spare room and decided I really needed to get on it before the metals started to rust! I've been experimenting with twisting and plaiting copper wire, with surprisingly lovely results comprising of delicate friendship bracelets, fine rings and coiled cuffs. It's actually quite amazing what you can do with a bit of cable wire and tap fittings from the hardware store, although lucky for me I have a treasure trove in my garage thanks to a handyman dad. I can basically describe the sort of thing I want (tools, perspex, wire, washers, etc..) and he will pluck it out of the huge abyss of junk that is 'the shed'!
My favourites have got to be the bright copper coupling and black cord bangles using the same materials as my DIY Kirrily Johnston Bengal choker that I made in late last year, as well as the delicate adjustable coiled rings that can be stacked on your fingers in any combination. Copper is such a nice change from silver or gold and it goes with just about anything.

I'll be selling some of these pieces on my new Etsy store (along with my clothing designs) so be sure to keep a look out for it when I open!

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