Monday, May 21, 2012


I've decided to be completely un-Melbourne and support B.F.W: Brights for Winter, a totally fictional program I've just made up that supports advocators of bright clothing in the colder months. None of this gloomy depressing stuff, I have challenged myself to give up buying anything in black/shades of grey as of now. I'm tossing up whether shoes and bags count, but for the purpose of this post I don't think so (metallic silver does not count as grey). Also, the (grey) neoprene jacket I just bought from Asos doesn't count, but none the less I'm dying to wear this magnificent beast with some crazy brights underneath. Will do an outfit post when it arrives (hoping tomorrow, fingers crossed).

Topshop ombre trousers
Romwe jumper
Acne Corinne silk bomber
Zara sandals
3.1 Phillip Lim Lark zip clutch

P.s. Sorry posting has been so slow lately, I've been up to my neck in uni work. I'm hoping, come June, I'll be back sewing again after the nasty onslaught of assignments and exams is finally over!

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  1. Everyone gets slow with posts at some point, no biggy. I love the top here, definitely my favourite item in a collection of great pieces.

    xx Becoming Urban


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