Wednesday, May 23, 2012

blue steel

Here's my latest sewing venture: a metallic peplum jacket inspired by THIS gorgeous Ellery one shown at fashion week recently. Would have been so good in that black/forest green colour combo, but I work with what I have, and luckily I had a heap of this fabulous metallic blue taffeta sitting around. So tailoring is not really my forte, but I think I did pretty well considering this is my first attempt at a fitted jacket, or any jacket for that matter (excluding a fur disaster I had recently!). This sort of flashy jacket will be perfect paired with a nice simple little black dress or jeans and killer heels for a night out. Can't wait for it to get some public exposure.

[wearing with: Asos velvet trousers & cuffs, Santini heels, vintage bodysuit, ebay choker]

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