Wednesday, June 6, 2012

grey ombre

 I threw together this super casual look to take advantage of a surprisingly sunny winter's day in Melbourne, which I doubt we'll be getting a lot more of unfortunately. This knit's another Iconic purchase, but I can't be blamed can I? It's all so ridiculously convenient and fast, I mean I got this jumper delivered the day after I bought it! It's seriously killing my bank account. I love a great layering jumper, and the fact that this is the perfect grey marle ombre is such a bonus, it also comes in a sweet forest green (which I only saw after I'd bought the grey, considering going back for it!).

P.S. I've found a new shooting location.. My neighbour's synthetic nature strip. So strange, but I guess it saves having to cut the grass!

[wearing: Huntingbird knit via The Iconic, thrifted shirt, Dejour jeans, Asos boots, Life with Bird bag, Tatty Devine perspex ring]


  1. Such a gorgeous sweater. I'm craving a blue ombre one at the moment, but I need to stop spending money I really don't have!

    from L U A R


  2. love the degrade jumper!

  3. love the outfit... looks super comfy!


  4. lovely outfit, lovely blog! wanna follow each other? xx

  5. your style is awesome :)
    I love it :)


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