Saturday, June 30, 2012

white out

I've never been a white girl. I mean, yes I'm incredibly 'white' in both my skin tone (thanks winter) and culturally, but I'm not a big wearer of the shade. Maybe it's Melbourne's influence or there's simply not that much good white stuff about, but I thought I would give this whole sporty/crisp/luxe business a go.  So from the VERY few white clothes I have in my closet I put together this outfit. The sheerness (nonexistence?!) of the tee really helps to break up that blocky, sterile feeling that makes full head-to-toe white hard to wear. Skin is good, and white just so happens to give the illusion of slightly tanned flesh which is very handy in the middle of winter. I went minimal with black boots and bag, no jewellery and slicked hair (wet not greasy!).

[wearing: thrifted shirt and reworked jeans, Asos tee, Witchery bra, Office London boots, Life with Bird bag]

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