Friday, September 21, 2012

stay in school

Now this is a massive call, but I'm prepared to make it; this shirt is undoubtedly my best online purchase. Ever.
Consider, will you, the sheer scheme of this statement in light of the thousands of dollars I have spent on clothes, shoes and accessories online over the past 3 years (before which I did not a) own a debit card, or b) been introduced to the devil that is Asos), this shirt is the most perfect lightweight, washed cotton, boyfriend-style shirt in the history of mankind. And it cost me a measly $24.
From the glorious fantasy land that is Korean online store Style Nanda, it may just be the most confusing/annoying/cute/madness-inducing website I have ever visited but there are some serious gems hidden amongst the bad designer rip-offs. Now I know the Australian retail industry is going down the gurgler, and I'm not helping, but we really need to step up our game if Korea can churn out these ridiculously lovely articles for next-to-nothing!
The shorts are also NANDAAAA (to be pronounced in a squealy voice whilst making 'peace' signs with both hands), the combination of which made me look like a legitimate schoolboy. This is a just-for-fun, comfort-of-my-own-backyard, oh-shit-there's-someone-at-the-door-quick-get-changed-don't-let-them-see-me kind of outfit, but considering there is pretty much nothing that won't go beautifully with this shirt I can guarantee it won't leave my body until the threads start to unravel.

[wearing: Style Nanda shirt & shorts, Target sports bra]

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